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A native of Friuli, he will succeed Enzo Moi and will take office on 15 July of this year. 

Stefano Casaleggi is the new director general of AREA Science Park

23.06.2014 -

After a painstaking selection process taking in over forty applications from throughout Italy, today the Board of Directors of the Consortium for the Research Area appointed Stefano Casaleggi as the new Director General of the Trieste Science and Technology Park. Candidates included managers of science parks and public and private enterprises.


A native of Friuli, Stefano Casaleggi, 52 will succeed Enzo Moi and will take office on 15 July of this year.


Brief profile of Stefano Casaleggi


Stefano Casaleggi was born in Udine. He earned an undergraduate degree in electronic engineering, a master's degree in business management from SDA Bocconi, and completed the executive education programme at INSEAD in Fontainebleau. After ten years of experience with IBM, both in Italy and abroad, in the marketing & sales and business consulting fields, he moved to the Edison group where he was the business director for the electrical sector.


Over the course of his four years as director general of Edison Energia, the group became the leader in the free energy market. After leaving Edison, he founded Hyperlynx, a consulting firm whose clients include major national electricity concerns and formerly municipally-owned companies. In 2009 he was one of the founders of Aither, an energy company that produces electricity from renewable sources, and in 2010 he founded Castel, a strategic and process consulting firm.