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Nano Tech 2015: A.P.E. Research microscopes at the world’s biggest nanotechnology fair

The AREA Science Park spin-off is one of the leading players in the “Nano Japan Cluster Mission 2015”


FVG – Brazil Return through “Science without borders”

The regional scientific system joins Brazil Mobility Scientific Program (BSMP) for students and researchers


Tecna celebrates twenty years in the sector of food and feed diagnostics

Present with its innovative kits in 40 countries, the enterprise of the AREA Science park develops analysis systems for food supply chain safety


Italian ice cream knows no crisis

The sector’s positive trend continues this year, according to new economic and financial data on businesses that produce semi-finished products for ice cream published by modeFinance and Sistema Gelato.


Elettra opens a new IAEA facility by hosting a major IAEA event

First Meeting on Experiments with Synchrotron Radiation for Modern Environmental and Industrial Applications


CERIC-ERIC is born

European Commission approves Central European Infrastructure Consortium.


Chemotherapy: a new way to fight drug resistance

Study published this month in the European Journal of Cell Biology


Human gene activity: the first comprehensive map

Nature publishes online the first comprehensive map of human gene activity across the wide variety of cell types and tissues that make up human beings


What does complexity in engineering design mean?


This video collects experiences from experts in different industrial sectors who took part in the recent International modeFRONTIER Users' Meeting. ...

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Solar energy resource for cooling and refreshing


Adriacold project studies the practical applications of solar cooling technologies in order to facilitate its use, disseminate knowledge and demonstra ...

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Mistakes to be avoided when growing a successful startup


Interview with Bill Aulet, managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at MIT, and autor of the book “Disciplined entreprene ...

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STPs: a growing role in Poland's development


Krzysztof Gulda, Vice-chair of the European Research Area Committee (ERAC): STP could be the hubs for new technologies and their commercialization ...

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Science can be good to eat - documetary film


From cultivated fields to livestock farms, from the food processing industry to conservation methods, science and technology play an important role in ...

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Coordination of Research Institutions


Skills, services, and activities of the university and scientif system in Friuli Venezia Giulia ...

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